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Braun Aqua Express WK 210

Braun Aqua Express WK 210
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10 дни
420.00 лв.
21.00 лв.
Вие спестявате: 399.00 лв. (95%)
Braun Aqua Express WK 210
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AquaExpress kettle highlights
For right and left handers

The AquaExpress is easy to use for both right- and left-handers because it has two symmetrical water level indicators and the jug can be placed on the 360° hotplate from every side.

Easy filling
The kettle can be filled directly from the tap through its large spout, adding to overall convenience. It takes up to 1.7 litres of water. The integrated and removable filter holds back lime scale from being poured into the cup.

Convenient handling
The on/off switch and button for opening the lid are in easy reach. The covered stainless steel hotplate brings even small quantities of water to the boil quickly and evenly. The kettle switches off automatically as soon as the water boils.

Easy to clean
The smooth base with the covered hotplate are very easy and convenient to clean.

Superior safety
Important safety features switch the kettle off automatically when water is boiled, there is no water in the kettle, the lid is opened or the kettle is taken from base.


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